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Faust sees what is happening and demands Mephisto take him there. Faust arrives just as the fire has been started to burn his lover. Faust wishes he had never asked to have his youth back. Mephisto smashes the mirror with Faust's reflection and he loses his youth. He runs through the assembled mob towards Gretchen; and it is as an old man that Faust throws himself onto the fire to be with his beloved.

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Gretchen recognizes Faust and sees him in her heart as a young man again as the fire consumes them together. Their spirits rise to the heavens. The angel reveals to Mephisto that he has lost the bet because Love has triumphed over all. Murnau's Faust was the most technically elaborate and expensive production undertaken by UFA until it was surpassed by Metropolis the following year.

PDF Faust: 106 (Classici) (Italian Edition)

Filming took six months, at a cost of 2 million marks only half was recovered at the box office. According to film historians, Faust seriously affected studio shooting and special effects techniques. Murnau uses two cameras, both filming multiple shots; many scenes were filmed time and again. As an example, a short sequence of the contract being written on parchment in fire took an entire day to film. He decided to combine various lines from the original folk tale, Christopher Marlowe 's Doctor Faustus and Goethe 's Faust, Part 1 , as well as providing some of his own.

Kyser found out, and there was an exchange of vituperative letters between the two writers. The film received a pre-release showing with Hauptmann's intertitles at the Ufa-Pavillon am Nollendorfplatz on 26 August There were several versions created of Faust , several of them prepared by Murnau himself. The versions are quite different from one another. Some scenes have variants on pace, others have actors with different costumes and some use different camera angles.

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For example, a scene with a bear was shot with both a person in costume and an actual bear. In some versions, the bear simply stands there. In one version, it actually strikes an actor. Overall, five versions of Faust are known to exist out of the over thirty copies found across the globe: a German original version of which the only surviving copy is in the Danish Film Institute , a French version, a late German version which exists in two copies, a bilingual version for Europe prepared by UFA , and a version prepared by Murnau himself for MGM and the US market July The copy of the original German version lacks a number of scenes.

With the copies available, a minute reconstructed version has been released by Kino International with English intertitles on DVD. A commentary is also an optional extra on the DVD.

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The original intertitles have also been recovered. The US version includes titles and scenes filmed especially by Murnau, where for example the scene in which Aunt Marthe offers Mephisto a drink that he rejects as causing heartburn: in the US version, Mephisto rejects the drink for having had alcohol, an ironic reference to Prohibition in the United States; again in the US version, Mephisto offers Marta a necklace, from the Great Khan of the Tartars , rather than the cousin from Lombardy , as Murnau believed the US audience would not have heard of Lombardy.

One scene was done with a text juxtaposition, as again, Murnau believed the American audience wouldn't grasp the imagery by itself. This is also the only version having the originally conceived finale of the ascension of Faust and Gretchen into Heaven.

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In all others, the scene is rather more conceptual. Books appearing in the film were labeled or any plans with text were shot twice, in German and in English. The bilingual version was prepared to be shown aboard trans-Atlantic ships traveling from Hamburg to New York City. Therefore, they catered to both American and German audiences. The French version is generally believed to represent the poorest choice of scenes, both including the largest number of filming errors e.

It does hold takes that do not exist in any other versions, however. He said, "I always want to remember that movies are made out of the joy of the replica. The fascination of movies is not their realism, but how to enjoy the "real". In that sense, I always have Faust in my mind as I face a movie, make a movie, and talk about a movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film by F.

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